Benefits of IRSN

Considering its special economic and geographical conditions, Senegal, as the most stable African country, has had an economic growth of 6% in the last 5 years and is considered as the gateway to trade with West African countries, it is important for Iran's commercial center in Senegal to The approach of establishing and regulating economic and commercial relations between the private sector of the two countries as an official and legal institution in order to facilitate trade relations, increase the volume of economic exchanges, joint investment between the two countries, facilitate access to the markets of West African countries and mutually introduce economic potentials and The competitive advantages of Iran have been formed.

Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

Iran Trade Development Organization in 1345 in order to develop foreign trade, marketing, promotion and expansion of the country's global markets for export goods and services, providing opportunities for the development of business enterprises and increasing their capabilities, business information, preparation and regulation of appropriate laws and regulations for Business activities and the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, providing facilities and assistance for the development of exports have been established. Iran Trade Development Organization is an active, collaborative and knowledge-based organization that, in line with the country's major plans, seeks to develop and strengthen foreign trade and achieve a greater share of the target market in an integrated and effective manner. This organization pursues business development by establishing constructive interactions with its business partners and stakeholders, efficient human resources and the use of new knowledge and technology, and always tries to create a suitable platform for management through planning, policy making, support and supervision. To provide large exports and to strengthen the necessary infrastructures and capacities to facilitate and develop the country's foreign trade.

The need to create this center

  • Establishing and developing business relationships
  • Facilitating the trade process between the two countries
  • Establishing economic relations
  • Mutual use of the capabilities of the parties
  • Formation of commercial, production and knowledge-based consortia and joint ventures
  • Creating a communication channel with other international business organizations
  • Financial, legal and technical support and support to the members of the center
  • Comprehensive information network